Kids in the Trades Initiative

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Hi, I'm Neighbor Lee, a “jack of all trades” who fixes pipes, electricity, air conditioners, heaters and more in your neighborhood and I'm here to teach kids all about the exciting world of "The Trades"

Who's Neighbor Lee?

Meet Neighbor Lee from your friendly Neighborly Group of St. Louis!

Neighbor Lee is your friendly “jack of all trades” who fixes pipes, lights, air conditioners, heaters and more in your neighborhood. With all his helpful tools, Lee is fully ready to fix what breaks in your house!

Be on the lookout for Lee the handyman hitching a ride on our Mr. Rooter, Kirkwood Plumbing, Aire Serv, Eureka Heating & Cooling, Mr. Electric and Property Medic branded trucks and vans throughout the St. Louis City and County area!

Stay tuned to learn how you can win great prizes when you spot Neighbor Lee!

The Focus of Neighborly of St. Louis’ NEW Kids in the Trades Initiative

The Neighborly of St. Louis’ Kids in the Trades Initiative is to educate kids about the Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical trades, while giving them the means to further their knowledge of these trades in a unique, interactive and fun way. As we work to roll-out this initiative over the next few months, we’ll host events where kids can participate in kid-friendly hands on activities and more; we’ll also be adding fun and educational elements to this website!

Stay tuned by joining our Kids in the Trades newsletter filled with fun facts, activities and ongoing education for the future tradespeople of America!

For the Parents

Neighborly of St. Louis is your Hub for Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Electrical & Reconstruction Home Services and we are THRILLED to announce our “Kids in the Trades” INITIATIVE!

With the advance of Machine and Computer Automation, Artificial Intelligence and the Rising Cost of Traditional Secondary Education, many parents are concerned that the job market may be lacking when their children enter the workforce. The good news is that “The Trades” are BOOMING and will continue to trend upwards, providing a huge opportunity for today’s kids and teens.

For instance, plumbing is a growing industry with over 48,600 new jobs predicted to be created each year over the next decade! Furthermore, the Heating & Cooling industry is expecting a 13% increase in installer positions annually for the next 5 years! The electrician field is also seeing HUGE growth, with 73,500 openings for electricians projected annually over the decade.

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Mr. Rooter of St. Louis | Kirkwood Plumbing

A plumber is someone who fixes pipes and things like sinks, toilets and showers in your house.

When a pipe breaks, it can cause BIG problems. Have you ever flushed a toy down the toilet by accident? Make sure you never do this because flushing a toy down the toilet would stop the toilet from flushing and cause a BIG WATERY MESS.

Lee, your friendly plumber, would use his plumbers wrench in his belt and his trusty "snake camera" to find where your toy went and fix the clogged toilet!


Heating & Cooling

Aire Serv of St. Louis | Eureka Heating & Cooling

Your parents work hard to make sure your house is safe and comfortable.

You know it is summer when you feel cool air in your home after a hot day. And you know it is winter when you feel warm air in your home after a snowy day. In summer, people use air conditioners to cool down. In the season of winter, people use furnaces to warm up.

What does HVAC stand for?

  • Heating. Feeling warm in the space of your home
  • Ventilation. Feeling air move through your home
  • Air Conditioning. Feeling cool in the space of your home


Mr. Electric of St. Louis

Lights are turned on by electricity that comes into your house from power lines. Sometimes, after turning on a light switch, your lights won't turn on like normally.

You know when lightning strikes, sometimes the lights in your home go out? This happens because of a fast spike of electricity from lightning can add too much electricity to the power line making the wires and electronics fail, which is why you have no lights for a little bit (or a long bit). Your friendly handyman Lee is happy to help! Lee will use his specialized tools to fix these wires in your house and turn back on all of the lights (and TV) in your home.



Property Medic & Patch Medic

Water restoration is like a superhero for your home when there is a water emergency! It helps to fix things when too much water is in the wrong places in your home.

Lee will remove the water by using a fan or vacuum to dry the area. Even after cleaning the water in your home, Lee will also look out for mold. Finally, he will make sure everything is good as new!

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